• Midi Grit Bin

    Ideal for private roads and small car parking areas.• Suitable for indoor/outdoor use• Fitted with a lockable latch which can be secured by a padlock (available to order separately)• Yellow• 80 litres, holds 80kg of salt• Size: 650mm(w) x 550mm(d) x 570mm(h)

  • Value Plastic 14l Waste Bin Blue

    Robust, shatter resistant, round waste bins, ideal for office and general use.• 14 litre capacity• Size: 252mm(h) x 312mm(dia.)• Sold singly

  • 50 Litre Roll Top Bin Metallic

    Features a foot plate for easy bag removal and slot in rim which allows refuse sacks to be clamped in.• Size: 380mm(w) x 340mm(d) x 680mm(h)• Sold singly

  • 50 Ltr Swing Bin & Lid Blue

    These great value swing bins are available in a choice of four bright colours.• Capacity: 50 litres• Suitable for recycling• Size: 400mm(w) x 330mm(d) x 665mm(h)• Sold singly

  • AquaBuddies Litter Bins

    The Aquabuddies are novelty litter bins designed for schools to encourage children to use bins. For internal and external use, made from 100% recyclable Polythene.FrogBuddy:• 84 litre capacity without plastic liner • Dimensions: 595mm(w) x 850mm(h) x 440mm(dia)PenguinBuddy:• 55 litre…

  • 10 Litre Roll Top Bin Metallic

    Features slot in rim which allows refuse sacks to be clamped in.• 10 Litre: 230mm(w) x 230mm(d) x 430mm(h)• 25 Litre: 310mm(w) x 280mm(d) x 460mm(h)• 50 Litre: 230mm(w) x 230mm(d) x 430mm(h)• Sold singly

  • 50ltr Swing Bin Calico

    This 50 litre swing bin has a glossy plastic finish, making it easy to wipe clean. • Available in 3 colours• Size: 420mm(w) x 335mm(d) x 665mm(h)• Sold singly

  • 50 Ltr Recycle Grey Bin & Yellow Lid

    Easy to clean and available in four different colours or as a set of four for various recycling uses. • Capacity: 50 litre• Size: 400mm(w) x 400mm(d) x 510mm(h)• Weight: 1.68kg

  • Peacock Open Top Bin

    • Smooth easy to clean surface• Includes zinc coated liner to facilitate emptying• Complete with lock and base• Optional concrete ballast pack or floor fixing plate, sold separately• Capacity: 75 litres• Size: 745mm(h) x 485mm(dia)

  • Plastic Dustbin

    Produced from high-density plastic with secure push on lid.• 80 litre capacity• Manufactured in the UK• Suitable for external and internal use• Size: 590mm(h) x 485mm(dia)

  • Consort Bin Yellow

    A best seller, the Consort features a durable body that is securely locked to the plinth close to ground level. Modern styling and a range of 4 vibrant colours make this an attractive option.• 2 handle, galvanised steel liner • Double skin hood for added strength • Integral ballast…

  • Buddy 75 Bin Paper

    These brightly coloured bins are designed to encourage kids to recycle and tidy up.• Suitable for Internal and External use• 415mm Diameter• 810mm height • 84 Litre Capacity• Excludes plastic lining (Available at an optional extra cost)

  • Locking Dustbin

    • 90 litre capacity dustbin • Lid has hanging hook • Locking clips secure lid • Handles for portability• Size: 485mm(w) 485mm(d) x 665mm(h)

  • 25 Ltr Swing Bin - Silver

    This 25 litre swing bin has a removable lid and is easy to keep clean.• Available in 3 colours• Size: 300mm(w) x 260mm(d) x 540mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Food Waste Bin 5 Litre

    This caddy is designed for food waste composting and is ideally sized for countertop use.• 5L size: 250mm(w) x 200mm(d) x 250mm(h)• 10L size: 236mm(w) x 275mm(d) x 300mm(h)• 10L liner: fits both caddies - Pack of 20• Bins sold singly

  • 30l Stainless Steel Bin

    • Pedal operated bin with carry handle• Stainless steel• Available in 4 sizes• Sold singly

  • Concrete Ballast Base Peacock Bin

    • Smooth easy to clean surface• Removable body for ease of emptying• Hooded top prevents ingress of rainwater• Complete with liner, lock and base• Optional concrete ballast pack or floor fixing plate, sold separately• Capacity: 75 litres• Size: 485mm(dia) x…

  • Set of 4 Recycling Bins Offer

    Buy a set of 4 recycling bins (1 x each colour) and save 25%• 50 Litre capacity

  • Cavalier Heavy Duty Bin Open Top Bk

    Three options for general waste. Open lid, flip top and hooded lid. Available in six different colours. Ideal for recycling applications or any school or office environment.• Capacity: 100 litres• Lift-off top section for access• Simple refuse sack application• Available in 6…

  • 16 Litre Pedal Bin

    16 Litre pedal bin in white with removable liner for ease of use.• Size: 285mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 430mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Octaplus Midi Bin Yellow

    ** Please note** These bins are not supplied with the steel bins as pictured, sorry for any inconvenience caused. The distinctive octagonal top of the Octaplus range keeps litter dry and contained. The hood detaches from the bin for easy emptying. A favourite with schools, you can choose from 2…