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  • Traditional Beanbags

    page733 page1162Great quality cotton bean bags filled with real beans. Age:3 years+.• Available in 4 colours• Available in a pack of 10 single colours or a pack of 40 assorted colours

  • Traditional Beanbags

    page1121Excellent quality polycotton beanbags.• Colours: blue, green, red and yellow• Pack of 10 single colours or an assorted pack of 40 (containing 10 of each colour)

  • Traditional Quoits Set

    Quoits is a traditional lawn game involving the throwing of a ring over a set distance to land over a pin to score points. A simple game of both skill and accuracy for all ages. Contains:• 5 x wooden pegs• 3 x real rope quoits • 1 x rule book• Size: 430mm(w) x 430mm(l)

  • Parachute Pack

    Everything you require for parachute game lessons and activities.Contains:• 4 x animal beanbags • 12 x engraving balls • 6 x gamester balls• 6 x play tennis balls • 2 x puffy balls • 2 x printed balls • 1 x parachute activity book • 1 x storage bag

  • Learn about Nature Tree Log

    page1359To enhance any lesson about nature, the environment, adaptation or lifecycles, this unique woodland print multi-seater log is a quirky addition to a classroom display area or lesson theme. This unique design can sit multiple children and can be used indoors and out.• Size: 1000mm(w) x…

  • BazZoo® Minibeast Animals

    …animal beanbags offers co-ordinating products to suit topics within the early years or classroom environments. Great for display areas, reading corners and libraries, these beanbags are made from water resistent material meaning that the items can be used outdoors. This range of beanbags are…

  • Number Beanbags

    page1121Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • PVC Beanbags

    PVC welded beanbags filled with smooth plastic beans. • Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Size: 127mm(w) x 100mm(l)• Pack of 4

  • Number Beanbags

    page573Number beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• Contains numbers 1-10• Pack of 10

  • Animal Beanbags

    page1121 page1126Ideal for throwing and catching, these beanbags can be tossed at targets or used for gross motor games.• Available in frog and turtle designs• Pack of 4

  • Pyramid Beanbags

    page733 page1121• Great for all types of throwing activities• Pyramid shape makes catching easier• Ideal for small hands• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow • Pack of 4

  • Giant W/proof Beanbag Pink

    page1357Colourful, rectangular and suitable for individual use or multi-seating. The bags are lightweight for their size and made from a shower resistant material that can be sponge cleaned.• Due to the fire treatment, do not wash the covers• Suitable for external use, can be used on damp…

  • Beanbag Target Game Set

    page859 page1121• This set is a fun interactive game for children of all ages• Contains: 8 x bean bags and 1 x target mat (1000mm x 1000mm)

  • Beanbag Target Game Set

    • This set is a fun interactive game for children of all ages• Contains: 8 x bean bags and 1 x target mat (size: 1000mm x 1000mm)

  • Bazzoo� Safari Beanbag Set 3

    page1211Buy 2 supports seats and the mat and save over £50• Set includes 2 lion support seats and a mat

  • Reclining Pod

    page1343Made from 100% polyester with a woven fabric the material is extremely hardwearing meaning that the product is suitable for both indoors and outdoors us, and with all of the benefits of the faux leather pod, this also gives you back and neck support when studying and reading. The reclining…

  • PLAYM8 5-A-Day Character Cards

    With the help of the 5-A-Day friends the PLAYM8 5-A-Day Activity Cards will help reinforce the message of healthy eating, build literacy and numeracy skills while having fun.• Each card contains 3 fun activities• Ideal for use with the 5-A-Day Benabags• Size: A5• Set of 9 cards;…

  • PLAYM8 5-A-Day Active Cube

    The PLAYM8 5-A-Day Active Cube is larger than normal activity cubes and supports cross curricular activities indoors or outdoor, in the classroom or in physical education lesson. Playground leaders can also use them to organise fun activities during breaktimes and lunchtimes.• Designed in…

  • Quilted Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Packs

    page1354 page1395This pack of quilted brightly and natural coloured, squashy cushions are shower proof and therefore perfect for temporary seating outdoors. • To be stored indoors• Colours may vary• Size: 360mm square each• Storage bag included• Pack of 10

  • Quilted Outdoor Seat Pads

    page1354 page1395A set of quilted individual cushions ideal for outdoor use. Each cushion has a handle to make them easier for children to carry.• Storage bag included, to be stored indoors• Sponge clean• 2 of each colour: red, blue, green and yellow• Size: 300mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 25mm(h)• Pack of 8

  • Alphabet Bean Bags

    page556Alphabet beanbags offer a fun way to learn basic literacy skills. Each beanbag shows the letter in upper and lower case.• Set of 26