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  • Bumper Bucket of Beads

    page453Over 2500 plastic beads in a vast array of sizes, designs and colours, housed in a handy tub.• Size of tub: 150mm x 110mm dia.• Assorted colours

  • Beads Bumper Pack

    page453Assorted shapes, sizes and colours suitable for collage, jewellery and textile decoration.• Pack of 1000 approx

  • Abacus Beads

    page854Abacus learning beads are an excellent and unique learning tool for the classroom. The beads on the large model can be assorted into any combination of numbers and two colours you require, to help with sorting and counting. The original measurement of 10mm per bead allows the new dimension of…

  • Number Beads

    …operations (plus, minus, multiplication, division and equals) which make calculations easy to put together whilst developing fine motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• 116 beads and 12 strings (66 numbers, 8 plus signs, 8 divided, 8 multiply, 8 minus and 18 equals beads)• Beads measure 25mm square

  • Cotton Beading Cord

    Ideal for use with most kinds of beads and especially good for rustic or period styles.• Available in Cream, Dark Brown or Black• 1mm x 25m

  • Coloured Wooden Beads

    page453• 125g tub (approx. 300 beads)

  • Barrel Beads

    page453• 1,000 large hole, plastic, barrel beads • Mixed pearl, neon and bright colours

  • Hama Midi Beads

    …pictures and festive decorations. Age 5 years+.• 1 large square, 1 large round, 3 small square, 3 small round, 1 small heart, 1 small star and 3 small hexagonal pegboards• Ironing paper pack and two instruction and ideas booklets • Classpack of 3000 solid mix and 3000 pastel mix beads

  • UV Detecting Beads

    These UV sensitive beads turn from white to varying bright colours when exposed to sunlight or other UV sources. The beads can be used, for example, to test the effectiveness of UV protection in sunglasses or to create a simple bracelet which can function as a UV detector.• Pack of 100,…

  • Miracle Beads

    page453Great for eye-catching jewellery these rainbow beads have a metallic finish.• Assorted colours • 90 beads

  • Sorting & Counting Beads

    • 250 beads with 16 laces

  • Plastic Flower Beads

    page453• Threadable flower beads• Size: 9mm across• Assorted pack of 600

  • Wooden Beads

    page453• 200g pack of wooden beads in assorted shapes, sizes and colours (8mm to 22mm)

  • Exotic Beads

    page453Intricately detailed and decorated plastic beads.• 113g bag in assorted sizes and colours

  • Letter Beads

    page453An assortment of threadable letter beads, perfect for personalising artwork and excellent for messages on greetings cards.• 400 beads per pack

  • Bugle Beads Assortment

    page453An assortment of bugle beads in vivid colours.• Size 6-9mm• Pack size 90g

  • Straw Beads

    page453A barrel of straw beads in assorted sizes and colours.• 475g barrel

  • Pearl Beads

    page453Great for all kinds of jewellery, fashion and crafts as this pack offers a wide selection of colours, sizes and shapes. The perfect pack to start with for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.• Pack of 900 assorted beads

  • Wooden Beads

    page453Great for many craft and collage projects including jewellery making these wooden beads are assorted shapes and sizes in a light and dark finish.• Reusable tub of approx 200

  • Plastic Tri-Beads

    page453• Assorted colours• Pack of 1000

  • Phonics Thding Beads - Beads Strings

    …the High Frequency words list. The set has 130 beads, 40 double-sided cards (180mm x 100mm) and 40 x 230mm strings. • Bulk set of Beads and Strings are ideal for general phonics teaching with a larger quantity of beads and strings. The set contains 174 beads, 20 x 170mm and 20 x 230mm strings.