Bead Strings

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  • Teacher 20-beadstring 1cm Bead

    Beadstrings available in varying lengths. 20 Beadstring includes one string with 20 beads, in groups of five red beads and five white beads. 100 Beadstring features one string with 100 beads, in groups of 10 red beads and 10 white beads. • Sold singly• Bead size: 18mm(l)

  • Mathematics Mastery Primary Kit

    …Base Ten sets (184pcs)• 2x Number Rods (155pcs)• 2x Transparent Counters (1000pk)• 3x 0-100 Child's Bead Number Line (6pk)• 1x Dry Wipe Double-Sided Number Line Board (30pk)• 30x Bead Strings (100 beads)• 1x Jar of 10 Sided Dice (100pk)• 1x Jar of Spot Dice (100pk)

  • 1-20 Lacing Numbers

    …to understand the basic principles of numeracy and to recognise and position numbers 1-20. The beads are brightly coloured in yellow, green, red and blue. This set is perfect for reinforcing the early learning goals for counting 1-20. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 80 number beads and 4 strings

  • Number Beads-116 Beads & 12 Strings

    …operations (plus, minus, multiplication, division and equals) which make calculations easy to put together whilst developing fine motor skills. Age: 3 years+.• 116 beads and 12 strings (66 numbers, 8 plus signs, 8 divided, 8 multiply, 8 minus and 18 equals beads)• Beads measure 25mm square

  • Phonics Thding Beads - Beads Strings

    …the High Frequency words list. The set has 133 beads, 40 double-sided cards (180mm x 100mm) and 40 x 230mm strings. • Bulk set of Beads and Strings are ideal for general phonics teaching with a larger quantity of beads and strings. The set contains 174 beads, 20 x 170mm and 20 x 230mm strings.

  • Wooden Threading Beads

    A selection of colourful wooden threading beads containing different shapes and a threading string. Make patterns and encourage fine motor and co-ordination skills. Age: 3 years+.• Made from beech wood• Approx. bead size: 20mm• Set of 72

  • 0-100 Number Beads

    Brightly coloured beads printed on one side only to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify. Develops fine motor skills, maths and sorting and counting abilities. Age: 3 years+.• 101 beads, 10 x 600mm strings• Beads measure 25mm square

  • Pony Bead Bracelets

    These plastic bracelets are a perfect fit for pony beads; just string and snap together!• Size: 58mm(dia) x 3mm thick• Set of 24

  • Clear Stretch Beading Cord

    Thicker, stretchier and firmer than fishing line, this unique plastic stretchy cord is perfect for seed beads or any jewellery craft. • 1mm thick• Roll of 91m

  • White Beading Elastic 91mtrs

    This stretchy, white elastic is 1.5mm thick and great for making necklaces and bracelets with pony beads, tri beads, alphabet beads and more! • Roll of 91m

  • Gold Elastic Cord

    Metallic cord for jewellery and crafts.• Roll of 8m

  • Number Essentials Class Pack

    …number recognition to the four operations and includes the 12 times table.Pack includes: • 30 x Pupil Counting Tubes• 30 x Small Bead strings 1-20 • 30 x Pupil Number Fans• 200 x 1-20 Counters• 30 x 0-20 Number Lines• 30 x 0-9 Tracing Boards• 1 x storage box•…

  • Buddhism Resource Set

    …including a 30-page Quizpad filled with questions, quizzes and crosswords to reinforce the key aspects of the topic.Includes:• Resin Buddha Statue• Prayer Wheel• Manjera Cymbals• Mala Beads• Buddha Bag• String of Prayer Flags• 4 x A5 Photocards,• A2 Poster

  • Metallic Diamond Cord

    • Skeins in gold, silver, multi-gold and multi-silver designs• Pack of 4 x 5m

  • Volleyball Net Cord Headline

    • 2mm black polyethylene net• Vinyl coated nylon headband complete with headline

  • Elastic

    An assorted bag of white elastic.• Pack contains: 10m of 6 cord, 5m of 13mm wide and 5m of 25mm wide

  • Play Stilts Pair And Cord

    • A fun way to develop co-ordination and balancing skills• Size: 120mm(h) x 100mm(dia.)• Sold as a pair

  • Play Stilts Pair And Cord

    • A fun way to develop co-ordination and balancing skills• Dimensions 120mm(h) x 100mm(dia.)• Sold as a pair

  • Coloured Elastic

    Perfect for threading, beadwork, jewellery making as well as textile and costume projects.• 10 x 2m

  • Elasticated Holster

    • Ideal for combining cold/heat therapy with compression• Can be used with either hot or cold pack• 150 x 300mm

  • Black Tubular Elastic

    Safe to wear and easy to use. Perfect for infant and junior jewellery projects.• Roll of 100m