Batik Ink

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  • Electric Batik Pot

    Thermostatically controlled with a 0.3 litre capacity melting cup. Suitable for use with a brush or tjanting tool (items 006471, 006472 and 72260). Extremely stable, with a non-drip rim for wiping off excess wax into the cup rather than down the casing.• 230V, fitted with fused plug •…

  • Berol Batik Dyes

    Use straight from the bottle for intense vibrant colours. For use on paper as well as most natural fabrics. Can be used for dipping, brushing on and wax resist. The dyes are concentrated and can be used neat or diluted for paler, more subtle colours. The dyes should be used on natural fabrics if…

  • Batik Frame

    Compact adjustable frame for use with material for batik or embroidery.• Suitable for fabric up to 900mm square

  • Batik Wax 2 Kg

    Paraffin wax pellets are easy to pour, measure and use.• Suitable for batik work or for candle making• 2kg bag

  • Wooden Batik Frame

    Sturdy wooden frame allowing fabric to be pinned and stretched ready for batik or embroidery work.• Size: 300mm x 300mm

  • Berol Batik Fixer 1lt

    A cold-fixing gel for use with Berol Concentrated Batik Dyes on most natural fabrics. Can be an irritant so adult supervision is essential. Protect hands with gloves.• 1 litre