• Easygrip Balls 150mm Pk6

    An inverted triangle design vinyl ball with a tactile surface. These balls have a soft feel with a high bounce and can be re-inflated using a standard pump. • Colours may vary • Available in 3 diameters• Pack of 6

  • Bat & Balls Pack

    …and ball games. Comes complete with a clear crystal box and lid for easy storage.Contains:• 1 x Pack of 4 Short handle tennis rackets• 1 x Foam covered rounders bat • 1 x Pack of 6 Yellow foam balls• 1 x Pack of 12 Coloured tennis balls• 1 x Pack of 12 Perforated balls•

  • Value Basketballs

    An excellent value, rubber training ball.• Available in sizes 5, 6 and 7 • Style may vary• Sold singly

  • First-Play® Soft Touch Balls

    Available in two sizes, these balls are very durable with a soft texture giving it greater gripping properties.• Available in 2 diameters• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 4

  • First-Play Bat & Ball Pack

    …set is the ideal introduction for children to develop striking and hand-eye co-ordination using a variety of bat and ball team games. Contains:• 4 x padder bats • 4 x short tennis rackets • 4 x moulded plastic rackets • 4 x junior plastic play bats• 20 x 70mm foam balls

  • Speaking and Listening Smart Balls

    …and Listening Smart Balls with hands-on learners for a range of speaking and listening activities. Children can throw the ball and describe what is under their hands to enhance vocabulary through discussion. Containing real-life photography these innovative Smart Balls can be used both indoors…

  • Clever Catch Tobacco Prevention Ball

    A fun and engaging way for students to learn about the harmful effects of smoking. The student has to answer the question under their left thumb when the ball is caught. A fun way to practice and learn!• Size: 610mm(dia.)

  • Soft Touch Playballs

    • A range of medium weight soft-feel balls• Supplied singly

  • Foam Balls

    Moulded yellow foam with a smooth finish.• Available in 3 sizes• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Slazenger Foam Tennis Balls

    • Tennis balls made from medium density foam, offering a reduced bounce• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use• Pack of 12

  • Multi-Coloured Playballs

    These lightweight multi-coloured playballs are perfect for games and activities.• Available in 3 diameters• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Coated Foam Balls

    These foam balls are washable, pick resistant and can be disinfected. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.• Available in 2 diameters• Available in 4 colours• Pack of 6

  • Koosh Ball

    A great introduction to throwing and catching. Soft, safe, easy to grasp ball made from natural washable rubber. Age: 3 years+.• 80mm diameter• Sold singly or as a pack of 12

  • Tough Playground Balls

    These hard-wearing playballs are made from 2-ply butyl rubber and finished with a tough stippled surface making it an ideal playground ball.• Size: 210mm(dia)• Colours: red, green, yellow and blue• Pack of 4• Pack of 4

  • Perforated Balls

    • Can be used for a range of activities including racket play• Pack of 12

  • Little Ball Set

    …little ball set contains a wide variety of playballs for lots of different throwing and catching activities.Contains:• 4 x 80mm porcupine balls• 4 x 100mm porcupine balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 2 x 100mm reaction balls• 4 x engraving balls• 12 x foam balls• 2 x…

  • Yellow Lightweight Foam Balls

    These moulded lightweight foam balls offer a soft surface for throwing and catching.• Available in 2 diameters: 70mm and 200mm• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Available singly and as a pack of 12

  • Foam Balls

    • Moulded Yellow foam with a smooth finish• Supplied singly

  • Porcupine Balls

    The Porcupine Balls' little PVC 'spikes' make it easy to catch and is ideal for touch and texture training. Age: 3 years+.• Available in two diameters: 80mm and 100mm • Colours: blue, red, green and yellow • Each pack contains one of each colour• Pack of 4

  • Slazenger Dimple Hockey Training Balls

    • PVC hollow centre balls ideal for school training• Dimple pattern aids water dispersion• Suitable for all surfaces• Assorted colours: white, orange, yellow• Pack of 12

  • Wooden Balls

    • Size: 50mm diameter• Pack of 10