Ball Bag

  • Mesh Panel Ball Sack

    Heavy nylon bag with draw cord, mesh panel allows balls to dry out when wet.• Capacity: Up to 12 balls• Sold singly

  • Ballpool Balls Bag 500

    …attach to each other and the base with hook and loop fastener and can be separated for storage. Comes complete with 250 plastic balls and a free nylon ball storage bag. Age: 12 months+.• Inside size: 1m square• Sides: 300mm x 100mm• Floor space required: 1200mm square• Colours…

  • Ballpool Balls Bag 500

    • Size: 1000mm(dia) x 300mm(h)• Ball pool comes with 500 balls• Additional balls can also be bought separately

  • Ballpool Balls Bag 500

    This fun ball pool is wipe clean and covered in PVC coated nylon. It is fire retardant and conforms to BS5438. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 1000mm(dia) x 300mm(h)• Takes up to 250 balls• Sold singly• Balls available separately

  • Slazenger Foam Ball Bag Of 12

    • Tennis balls made from medium density foam, offering a reduced bounce• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use• Pack of 12

  • 12 Sabre Rugby Balls Size 5 & Bag

    A popular training ball with a deep pimple emboss. The Mitre® mesh ball sack is made from heavy-duty nylon with mesh panels and an adjustable padded shoulder strap.Contains:• 12 Mitre Sabre rugby balls• 1 Mitre ball sack

  • Giant Bag

    This giant bag is a terrific storage solution. Including mesh panels which allow the balls inside to dry out when wet.• Complete with wheels for easy movement • Dimensions: 400mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 900mm(h) • Sold singly

  • Fidget Bag

    …vary):• 1 x sensory bag • 5 x finger mats• 3 x tactile animals • 2 x koosh balls• 4 x spine balls • 3 x fiddly fidgets• 1 x spaghetti ball • 6 x bendy men• 1 x textured tangle • 1 x jump bean motion• 3 x glitter tubes • 3 x hedgehog balls

  • Mesh Storage Bag

    This heavy-duty mesh storage bag is a great way to carry and store balls while the mesh allows balls to dry.• Heavy-duty mesh• Capacity: up to 18 balls• Size: 450mm(dia.) x 900mm(l)• Sold singly

  • Junior Kit Bag Yellow

    • Ideal for swimming trips, carrying football boots, trainers and sports kits• Fitted with name card holder and reflective badge for safety at night• Dimensions: 330mm(w) x 440mm(l)• Supplied singly

  • Tactile Sensory Bag

    …hedgehog balls - lots of fun at your fingertips. Age: 3 years+.Contains (may vary):• 1 x sensory bag• 4 x spikey massagers • 4 x gooey mesh balls• 6 x squidgy fish • 5 x hedgehog balls• 4 x wriggly centipedes • 1 x squidgie ball• 2 x spider balls• 2 x…

  • UV Sensory Bag

    …Sensory Bag is a fantastic resource to brighten up your Sensory Room. Make lessons fun using UV reactive resources. This Sensory Bag is an ideal way to introduce UV into any darkened environment.Contents (may vary):• 1 x pump bag• 6 x bangles• 1 x UV velvet slime ball• 5 x groan…

  • Slazenger Coaching Kit Bag

    An ideal kit for schools and clubs. Contains:• 12 x 34" Panther hockey sticks• 12 x 36" Panther hockey sticks• 12 x red field hockey balls • 12 x white field hockey balls • 1 x holdall

  • Visual Effects Sensory Bag

    …stimulatingContents (may vary):• Storage bag: 450mm x 350mm• 3 x Ooze tubes• 4 x Jump bean motions• 1 x Spiral tube• 1 x Liquid cell timer• 1 x Multi liquid timer• 3 x Liquid timer• 1 x Colour motion• 1 x Ball kaleidoscope• 1 x Eye scoop• 3 x…

  • Bag Of 80 Marbles

    …opportunities for problem solving, creativity and communication. Age: 4 years+.• Contains 102 pieces to construct• Includes: columns, chutes, curved and straight rails, spinning wheels, multiple marble launchers and small coloured balls• Pack of 80 marbles, mix of sizes (16mm-25mm)

  • Little Ball Set

    …4 x 100mm porcupine balls• 2 x 70mm reaction balls• 2 x 100mm reaction balls• 4 x engraving balls• 12 x foam balls• 2 x swirly balls• 10 x perforated balls• 5 x sports neon balls• 5 x face neon balls • 2 x sensory touch balls• 1 x storage bag

  • Large Sensory Ball Set

    balls• 4 x urchin balls (Pack 6)• 4 x 70mm flexi balls• 4 x 90mm flexi balls• 4 x 130mm flexi balls• 2 x flexi throwers• 6 x scented balls• 3 x small pom poms• 3 x large pom poms• 2 x 150mm and 2 x 200mm soft bell balls• 6 x bean bag balls• 4 x…

  • Sensory Ball Pack

    A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce properties. Selected by primary and pre-school specialists. The balls are supplied in a black feely bag. Age: 3 years+.• Largest ball diameter 75mm• Smallest ball diameter 50mm• Pack of 20

  • Gilbert Breathable Ball Sack

    • Heavy duty nylon bag with draw cord closure and mesh panels to allow balls to dry out when wet• Capacity of up to 12 balls• Supplied singly

  • Small Sensory Ball Set

    balls• 2 x 70mm flexi balls• 2 x 90mm flexi balls• 2 x 130mm flexi balls• 1 x flexi thrower• 2 x 150mm soft bell balls• 1 x 200mm soft bell balls• 6 x urchin balls • 2 x large pom pom balls • 6 x scented balls• 1 x pump • 1 x large storage bag

  • Mesh Panel Ball Sack

    Heavy duty nylon bag with draw cord closure and mesh panels to allow balls to dry out when wet.• Capacity: Up to 12 balls• Sold singly