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  • The Consortium Highlighters

    …precise highlighting, suitable for use on most types of paper, including fax paper.• Water-based ink• Choice of single colours or assorted packs• Assorted pack of 4: yellow, green, pink and orange• Assorted pack of 6: yellow, green, pink, blue, orange and red• Assorted pack…

  • Value Mini Highlighters

    page89Mini highlighters are convenient to use, ideal for pencil cases and small hands. Available in 2 options.• Pack of 5 assorted colours: 1 each of yellow, orange, pink, green and blue• Tub of 30 assorted colours: 15 yellow, 5 orange, 5 pink and 5 green

  • Berol Drywipe Board Set

    page112• Set of 5 assorted colour markers with a drywipe eraser• Bullet tip• Supplied in a mountable holder

  • Stabilo Highlighter Assorted Pack 6

    • Europe's No.1 highlighter • Water-based ink suitable for most papers, including fax and carbonless copy paper • Now even longer writing length and cap-off time• Pack of 4 contains: Green, Pink,Orange and Yellow• Pack of 6 contains: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Orange and…

  • Stabilo Highlighter Assorted Pack 6

    page90Europe's No.1 highlighter. Water-based ink suitable for most papers, including fax and carbonless copy paper. Now has even longer writing length and 4 hour cap-off time.• Pack of 4: yellow, green, orange, pink• Pack of 6: yellow, blue, red, green, orange, pink• Pack of 8:…

  • Mini Highlighters

    • Water based ink suitable for all papers• Pack of 4• Assorted colours, 1 each of Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink • Pack of 4

  • Stabilo Flash Stick Highlighters

    …stick highlighter using waterbased ink. Suitable for paper, carbonless copy paper and fax. Available in an assorted pack of 6 colours.• Pocket size, ventilated cap with clip• Chisel tip: line width 1mm to 3.5mm• Anti dry out technology: allows 4 hours cap off time• Assorted

  • Stabilo Boss Mini Highlighters

    page89• Ideal for use in pencil cases• Water-based ink• Assorted colours, 1 each of Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange and Blue • Pack of 5

  • Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters

    …about.The Swing Cool Highlighter has a unique feature: the fibre tip is designed to allow 2 line widths of highlighting.• Water-based ink, ventilated cap, 4 hour cap off time• Suitable for use on most papers, including fax and carbonless copy paper• Pack of 8, assorted fluorescent…

  • Equality Gel Highlighters

    highlighters can also be left uncapped longer than a standard highlighter.• Gel based ink• Smooth round barrel for a comfortable grip• Water based and washable• Available in single packs of 10 or assorted packs of 4 and 60• Assorted pack of 4: 1 each of green, pink, yellow and orange• Assorted

  • Show-me® Fine Tip Assorted Colours Drywipe Pens

    …cap• Nib-stop to prevent tip from being pushed into barrel• Easy-fit lid - ideal for children• Available in black in packs of 100 and assorted pack of 50• Assorted pack of 50: 8 colour mix comprising of 8 black and 6 each of blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown and purple

  • Frixon Pen Gvlb Assorted Pk 3

    …clean, erase and re-write as often as you like• Accidental erasures can be retrieved by placing writing in a freezer• Medium 0.7mm nib width, with a line width of 0.35mm• Available in assorted wallets of 3 in two colour options, an assorted wallet of 5 and in single colour packs of 12

  • The Consortium Stick Highlighter

    …tip stick highlighter suitable for use on most papers including fax paper. More choice from a range of pack sizes.• Chisel tip for sharper highlighting• Water based ink• Pocket clip• Choice of single colours and assorted packs• Single colours in packs of 10• Assorted

  • eQuality Triangular Barrel Whiteboard Markers - Assorted Colours

    …Medium 2mm bullet tip• Available in assorted colour packs of 10, 50 and 100• Assorted pack of 10; 3 each of black and blue, 2 each of red and green• Assorted pack of 50; 15 each of black and blue, 10 each of red and green• Assorted pack of 100; 30 each of black and blue, 20…

  • Value Student Writing Classbox

    …classroom use and storage.Classbox includes:• 36 x Value HB pencils• 45 x Value pencil erasers• 6 x 3 hole barrel pencil sharpeners• 50 x Value black handwriting pens • 24 x Value assorted highlighters • Storage box size: 395mm(w) x 255mm(d) x 88mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Big Box Writing Kit

    …The Consortium HB pencil• 80 x The Consortium small pencil erasers• 100 x Value sharpener single hole• 48 x The Consortium highlighters assorted colours, compromising of: 24 yellow and 6 each of green, pink, blue and orange• Storage box size: 385mm(w) x 485mm(d) x 200mm(h)•…

  • Staedtler Lumocolour Pen Asstd Pk36

    …- can be left uncapped for days without drying up• Available in packs of 36 black and assorted colours or a classpack of 144 in a Gratnells tray• Assorted pack of 36 contains: 12 each of blue, red and green• Assorted pack of 144 contains: 72 black and 24 each of blue, red and green

  • Uniball Erasable Marking Tub24

    page84A high quality gel roller ball with erasable ink perfect for peer-to-peer and teacher marking.• Erasers on both the lid and the pen tip• Medium point, with a line width of 0.5mm• Assorted pack of 24 contains 6 of each: green, violet, pink and orange

  • Show-me® Ergo-Foam Dry Wipe Bats

    …pupils to hold up their answers in the air.• Excellent for encouraging pupil/teacher interaction• Made from durable, no noise foam in assorted colours: red, blue, green, orange and yellow• Double sided; one side printed with lines, the other plain• Lightweight, soft and…

  • The Consortium Ballpoint Marking Classbox

    …Includes a clear polypropylene box for easy classroom access and storage.• Medium point 1.0mm nib with a line width of 0.7mm• Single colour packs of 100 in green and purple• Assorted pack of 100; 50 each of green and purple• Storage box size: 355mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 70mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker Pens

    page93• Fine tip permanent pen for precise lines• Ink adheres to most surfaces and dries quickly• Assorted colours