5 Litre Paint

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  • Consortium R/mix Paint Green 5 Ltr

    Economy size container of ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mix paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• 5 Litre container

  • Hand Pump For 5 Litre Container

    …Conforms to BS EN 1276• 1:1 to 5:1 dilution - Spot cleaning and removal of really tough oil and grease from concrete, metal tiles and painted surfaces• 10:1 to 20:1 dilution - Heavy soiling of floors, walls, paintwork and work surfaces • 50:1 dilution - General cleaning of…

  • Multi Purpose Medium 5 Ltr

    …gluing, collage and also blending with paints to give enhanced effects without loss of colour intensity. Developed with young children in mind and specially formulated to wash easily from clothes, brushes and even hair when dry. • Dries clear• Washable• Phthalate free• 5 litre

  • Carefree Floor Polish Speed Stripper

    Effectively removes all emulsion types with no rinsing necessary.• Suitable for all floors except wood and painted surfaces• 2 x 5 litres

  • Berol Marvin Medium 5l

    …control over both the colour and appearance of individual sections of the work. The dried film is sufficiently flexible so that there appears no cracking. On top the medium has good aging properties and does not discolour when exposed to sunlight.• Safe to use with children• 5 litre